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Furbaby Feedback

Furbaby Feedback:

Hiya! Just wanted to share some recent photos of our "red merle" boy from GC Outlaws! ..and updates and/or feedback/testimonial for your site if you'd like.

"Fitz" (we gave him a ridiculously long and comical name) is doing great, a perfect addition to our house and a fine representation of the Australian Shepherd as a companion and a family dog, we are truly blessed to have him and to have found you! He's attentive to our house rules already but understands his use in the space with a good romp with our large Aussie and their toys before enjoying his quiet time in his crate - I am especially proud of him and his understanding of my young children and getting to somewhat communicate with our little manx cat who has got a larger than life personality. Fitz is super healthy and loves life of course! We loved seeing him play in the snow those first few weeks with but the spring sunshine has us outside most of the day! He is going to be a great running or trail companion for me since my older guy is slowing down, he really will continue to be my velcro Aussie. This pup already loves family walks and is learning quickly, exceptionally responsive to my working with him and am considering doing some agility as I think he will really excel, I are super excited! Already going to miss his sweet puppy nose and kisses. Also can't recommend my experience with you/GC Outlaws enough - thorough, personable, responsive and professional, even in such a last minute moment via email and text. You made the trip and the process a breeze. Daydreaming about your other pups already...that's my real problem - I don't know if I can settle with the two Aussie's I already have!

Happy Spring, love stopping by your site to see your other beauties/lovelies. Love to you all from all of us here in DC/Alexandria VA!






Hi KC,


Freddie is doing well.  She's very smart and responds well to training.  She's teething so her favorite chew toys are still Mom and Dad but she gets better everyday.  She still runs around in circles sometimes when she gets really hyper!  She loves running around the couch.  She also did really well at the vet.

Here are some pictures, she gets even cuter everyday.



Hey, hope all is well. I haven't had the chance to download pictures yet but I haven't forgotten. I want you guys to know if you ever need a reference to sell aussies please do not hesitate to give my reference out. We could not have gotten a more perfect dog. She is more well mannered than any dog I have been around and she's only 12 weeks old. Anyways, she's a solid 20 lbs and the vet is very impressed with her mannerism and intelligence. Said we had a perfect dog. What brand microchips did you guys use? It asked when I registered and I put unknown. Don't know if it matters but thought i'd ask. The others found homes I hope? Thanks again!






Everythings going good. Willow found a few places to nap already. Among them the back of the couch was her perch of choice this  morning. Until she decided to roll over and ended up in the position in the pic. She also got one of the Sweet potato chew sticks, and a rawhide. Also we started working on potty training and she's off to a good start.






I just wanted to shoot you an email and let you know that the little puppy's first weekend went great! I decided to name him Charlie. Crate training wont be an issue, he really likes sleeping in there. And we are doing pretty good with potty training. It took me a little while our first day to get in the swing of things, he is so low to the ground that I have a hard time telling when he is going! He's doing fine with the cats (even though one of them is still sulking right now). His friend is a Rhodesian Ridgeback, I will send pics of the pair when I get some. They won't get to play with each other for a while of course, but the size difference is amazing!

Thanks again for Charlie :) I love this little guy and we will be in touch every now and then with pics. I hope the rest of the pick ups go well!





Hope you all are doing good! Thought I would update you on Reno. He is doing awesome. My husband and I love him so much. He is spoiled rotten.   I don't think we are going to worry with full papers. I am staying so busy with school that we spend more time being lazy while I study rather than practicing for show.. Lol. He is so smart though. He knows sit, down, come, etc. He has never had an accident in his crate and only 2 or so in the house. I am so thankful for him. I have referred several people to you all and will continue to. Your bloodlines are amazing!

I attached a picture of my spoiled boy! Thanks again,



Oh my goodness, Its so good to hear from you!  I will have Alex send pics,  she didnt go for Cali, so her name is Oakley!  She is so wonderful, and is Bellas Best Friend(our Great Dane).  She comes home alot with Alex and is such a big girl.  She loves the swimming pool, she races the kids!  She is going to her first horse show this weekend at the Horse Park which should be interesting as long as we hang out by the lake, she must swim! plus she gets so hot!  I would love to get your phone number because I'd love for you to see her and meet Alex!  Talk to you soon!  Lauren



Just thought I'd update you on Bear - he's turned into an incredible dog.  He has beautiful markings and has been a pleasure to train and live with.  He graduated from puppy obedience school this summer and we're considering some agility stuff. I've attached some pictures.


Thanks again.





Emma @ 4 mths. She's such a doll and very spoiled. Couldn't thank you enough for such a great Aussie!





Hi KC!


It's been such a long time since we've chatted, but I just wanted to update you on our sweet furbaby, Ruby Rose! (Rose x Wyatt baby).

She's now 7 months old and has grown like a weed!! I cannot get over how AMAZING she is. Steve and I love her more and more every single day. She's so smart, and I swear she can understand me when I tell her something. We've recently mastered catching a toy in her mouth when I throw it, shaking hands, and high fives. She is the sweetest natured pup, and is quite the little snuggle bug! She got spayed last weekend, and did so great! She is the friendliest pup I think I've ever met, and she constantly wants to meet new people and animals! Luka, one of your Aussie pups, and Ruby are best friends! Luka is close to 100lbs and much bigger than 19lb Ruby, but you'd never know it! Ruby absolutely loves our cat, Panther, as well (and we're pretty sure the feeling is mutual!). But I just wanted to send you a note with some pictures of Ruby over the past few months. We love her so much, and are so grateful for you and Vonnie! I also believe my friend Betsy just got a corgi fur baby from you recently! Anyways, Ruby is the greatest dog ever! Thank you again!





We LOVE Porter! He's so much fun and insanely smart. He likes to get muddy and herd the cats and kids around the house. Loves car rides and his pig ears. Here are some pictures of his trail hikes and shenanigans around the house. Thank you again for him!





I figured a snow day is a great chance to send you an update on Moose!  She is almost 4 months old, and ready to start training.  Here she is, enjoying her first snow! 

Hope all is well!




Hello, we made it home with Cody. He rode home like a champ and like he had rode a million times. We were very tight by the time we got home. He seems real green on leash but learning. He is incredibly sweet. I let him sleep with me in bed. He is a bed hog and at one point laid on my head, haha. I think he is pulling me out of a small bout of depression. Love him already. Did you ever have him on flea medicine? My aussie (jag) was allergic to flea saliva. Also any idea for training? Always trained young puppies. Tried to feed him milk bone, slice of cheese and he just licked them. He did enjoy the last bite of my hamburger. Thanks for raising these dogs. I couldnt find one anywhere close affordably. When he gets used to the cats and we learn each other i am certain he will have a great home.

Thanks, Jeff



Hi KC,


Danny arrived right around 7 p.m. with little Seamus (it's a working title.  We're also considering Riley, among others).  He is even more than we hoped for.  Thank you so much; our current girl is a little jealous, but we're sure she'll adjust in time and they'll become great friends.  Thanks again!


All the best,

Asher and Melissa

On the Aussie front, here's Gypsy born 4/15/16 to Jessi/Rooster. She's a smart and healthy 25#. Thanks for a wonderfully bred dog.



Buckley is doing so good. He has fit into our family perfectly. His attitude and disposition is strong willed and not a bit shy anymore. He has already mastered many commands and his future looks bright.

Thanks for such a great dog, Holly

Here's an updated picture of the big guy, thanks again for helping Taylor and I find the perfect little baby :)




A fine dog! He's now enjoying the Vermont snow. We are very happy with our decision to go with this breed and breeber!





Hello Karen! This is Terresa from Indiana and I am sending you a couple of recent pictures of Luci. Never a boring day with this girl. Love her and pretty much good girl. She has a very loud bark and still working on her jumping on people but completely trained in house and pretty much can go anywhere. She loves her play toys (still has her bear). She is loved. Hope summer was good for you. She loves horses and we go to son farm which she just loves. Take Care, Terresa



Here he is enjoying a camping trip to Burton Island State Park.  Took a ferry ride over with no trouble.  He's a great camp dog, and he knows which chairs are the most comfortable!  Perfect puppy, all around!



She's doing awesome! She actually got spayed this morning. She came out of surgery good they said. She's rotten. She starts obidence for a special needs dog next month. She rules our life. I'm wanting a boy to go with her soon.




How's it going.  I wanted to touch base and give you an update on my beautiful Aussie!! Her name is Marleigh and she has been great since day 1.  Everyone that has met her from family and friends to people at the pet store have just adored her and love everything about her.  I don't get enough compliments of her overall colors and manner she has.   She is so friendly with people and children.  I can't believe how big she has gotten in just about a month.  Health wise she is doing great.  Took her to the vet last Saturday and she is just over 19 pounds already.  I can feel it when I pick her up and will definitely  miss when I won't be able to at all.  Of course she's not a big fan of sitting still so this is the best I can do at the moment.  Other than that she is great I love her a lot and so happy with her.  Thank you again for such an easy experience.  Have a great day




We picked up the dog last Saturday and drove home to Illinois and he was an angel the whole way! We decided to call him Max.  Max is settling in beautifully. I am going to send some pictures. He is crate training great and loves our big yard. The cats are getting used to him sloooowly, and we start obedience training this Tuesday.



Just wanted to send an updated picture of Washington aka Ziggie He is doing great! Has been doing well ( but stubborn ! Lol) studying his manners but is coming around! He will be starting to work on agility within the next couple of weeks ! 

Thanks for a wonderful puppy!

Linda and Tim
Sequim, Wa


Thought you'd like another update!
Gus has another sibling! We gave birth to Piper  on October 5th at 6:05pm. Gus is amazing with her. We will put her in her swing, and he goes and "checks" on her to make sure she is alright, and then if he sees us watching him, he gets so excited his but is bent around where his face is and he is doing that "smile" dogs can do. VERY cute. I've enclosed a recent picture of him we took a couple days ago on our front porch. This dog is so beyond beautiful. We could not be more happy with him <3 Hope ya'll are doing well!!


Mike, Jennifer, Zachary, Piper and sweet Gus



Hey KC,
Just want to let you know the little girl is doing great. I named her Kyra and
she goes everywhere with me. She is such a beautiful pup and I'm very happy with her! I'll send you some updated photos of her as she grows.

Thanks again!



Oh my word, this little fella has stolen our hearts! He is doing marvelous!
He loves everyone & all of the other animals. Sleeps all night in his crate, doesn't make a peep! Doing fantastic at potty training. I actually saw him go to the front door yesterday, my son opens the door, the pup goes out, down the steps (which is hilarious), does his business, comes back to the front door.... It's actually amazing!!!
They took him last night for his first trip to Pet Smart... Came home with everything he will EVER need.. Lol
They we working on leash training last night, he was fighting a little, but not bad. I'm telling you.... He could not be more loved!!!! They are just smitten with him. They take him everywhere they go. He's had only a couple of accidents in the house because they watch him so closely, and have been right there to catch him squat and ran outside with him.
He has a fiesty side & sometimes thinks that I am his chew toy... I have the scars to prove it lol! He's actually drawn blood, so Grandmama is trying to be more stern with him.
The only problem (if you would even call it a problem) is that he's not fond of riding in the car. It's almost like he just gets too hot. He flails around & pants & whines. I keep telling them he will get used to it?... I hope so, because he will be on to go with them... A lot!


Jackie and Family



Everywhere I take emma people go wild over her. She's doing therapy dog training and she picks up so fast the trainer doesn't even go one on one with her. If you ever need a voucher on pups I'll be happy to give good feedback and show proof of what great pups your kennel produces. I had a lady get out of her car and chase me down across the parking lot to ask who the breeder was.






Just wanted to tell you how happy we are with Gypsy. She turned 6 months old today and weights 41.5# and has the most beautiful coat that I've seen on an Aussie. Her red has turned almost chocolate brown and is wavy and silky , with the exception of her head, which is still red. She's a great puppy, full of energy, great with and adults and as smart as you could want. Now, if I just teach her that I'm retired and she can sleep late!

Thanks for the great job you guys do and I'll continue to recommend GC Outlaws, Bob



He is wonderful. He has made himself right at home. He loves the a.c. I think it is the start  to a beautiful relationship. We will keep you updated.

Thank you he is what my heart needed


Karrie and Ricky



Growing like a weed, our little monster loves his food. He is awesome...We love our little monster. We couldn't be happier. Hopefully we can get him a buddy sometime next year.


Jennifer & Brian



KC and Vonnie,

I just wanted to say Thank you all for the newest pup !!!!!! Your help and communication meant a lot to us.  Best Regards,

The Crist Family , Madisonville,KY



Just wanted to send you an updated picture of Moto and clutch! They are getting so big and are so well behaved and full of life! I again, can't thank you enough for these two! 




Kc, Vonnie

I wanted to send you a picture of our boy Murphy and show you how happy he is. He is a feisty little bugger and we love him





Hi there!


Hope all is well! I just wanted to give you a quick update on how Shyanne is doing since our adventures from Kentucky to Wisconsin. She has been an absolute delight! She took to crate training beautifully! I think she's pretty much housebroken at this point, so we're seeing very very sporadic accidents here and there but it's mostly due to excitement haha. She has been fantastically friendly with other dogs and people which is great! We're working to curb that excitement a tiny bit because she is a surprising high jumper! She loves going on car rides with us and she enjoys playing with her cat brother. This was our initial worry but they quickly got past the adjustment phase and are coexisiting wonderfully. Her cuteness basically enthralls many people we see and she quickly picks up on routines, training and treats :) I just wanted to share all this because we have just been so happy to have her in our lives. And I've attached a couple of pics of her. Her smiling face has made our lives that much better :)


Thank you, sincerely!

Charlene and Phil




I decided to name her Lily. Yesterday was a little rough trying to acclimate but today was much better. You are right, she is VERY adventurous and playful. I had to get on to her today for chewing on something and she talked back to me, ornery little girl. I am in love with her. She is perfect. Thank you for crate training her. She won't sleep in front of people (fear of missing out on the fun), so I have to put her in my room in her crate for naps. I liked your page on FB, I can tag you in the pictures I post of her if you would like to keep up with her for a while.
Thanks again!
Julia & Lily



Here's our girl now. She's up to 37 lbs and is the best decision we've ever made. We thank you again and look forward to possibly getting another from you in the future.




Just thought I'd update you on Bear - he's turned into an incredible dog.  He has beautiful markings and has been a pleasure to train and live with.  He graduated from puppy obedience school this summer and we're considering some agility stuff.


I've attached some pictures.


Thanks again Stephanie

Sadie May is absolutely a wonderful puppy. You were right, she has a wonderful personality and she's a character. Went to vet today, she is 13lbs a very healthy.

Thank you Roberta

My Boy loves playing in the rain and getting dirty. Yesterday he was herding the guenies one jumped in the air he jumped behind it and came down with a feather in his mouth. He is wonderful. Just an up date Thanks Joyce



Good morning!

Hope ya'll are doin well- the little guy (named him Koda) is doing great! He just turned 9 weeks today.




Here are a couple pics of zeke. He's doin great and I'm really enjoying his company. He's sooo big for 9 weeks no one believes me when i tell them his age. He's doin pretty good w potty training and hasn't cried or whined at night at all. He's socializing well w other dogs and cats. He also sits and lays down on command when a small treat or toy is a prize. Ill keep sending pics every few weeks. Thanks again for the awesome Heeler.






I decided to call her Bella. Shes doing great loves to be outside and run around while im doing chores still even tho its winter n snowy lol. Abt the only problem I have is the fact she loves to steal anything that she can grab n hide or chew. It's not even her toys she knows what r her toys n bones n those always never disappear but she loves to steal my horse tack so much I moved everything I usually leave in the barn asile into a stall so I now have a tack stall w nothing laying around but then her newest trick is jumping up to steal stuff off the wall hanging shelves down the asile that is at least 5' tall. Other than that she's good she comes when called sits & lays down working on stay but she's quite an excitable dog. Was not too bad to house break as long as I was up w her n saw her by the door the worst thing was getting her thru the nites. But I'd say even w that she was easy to house break. She's good Abt staying by my side but gets bored if I'm watering or feeding in one spot that's usually when she decides so go off n run. I'm glad it's actually frozen now cz the mud doesn't phase her one bit in fact I think she finds it fun.  Attached r some pics of Bella I just took. She just went thru a growth spurt I think mayb her last as I truthfully didn't think she'd grow anymore cz all late fall she was Abt the same size. 




     I'm so sorry for not getting to you sooner. I ment to send you pictures earlier but we have just been so busy! Lilly is the name we chose for her. She picked it up right away. She is just such a joy and a great addition to our family. She absolutley loves the snow. Our cardigan corgi "Foxy" and our "old man" great dane "cooper" (  we call him old man becuase he is 13 years old!) just scooped her up like she was always part of their "herd"! Here are some picures! Glad to hear from you! I'll keep in touch!



Hey! Thought I would send an update of the puppy. We named him Luka. He is growing tons and is super smart. Pretty well behaved for the most part and has learned a ton of new tricks. Took him for his 16 week check up and will be getting him fixed soon. I attached a couple shots of him I took today. Growing like a weed!!!!!! Hope things are good for you. 





He is an amazing puppy – so smart.  He is already trained to wait nicely before he dives into his food like his big sister.  He won’t move till I say “OK”.  He knows “leave it” and “sit” and we are working on down… But he is such a happy little bugger!!!!!

Going on a little walk now before I pick the boys up from school. ;o)





She is out cold! She is so smart it is kinda ridiculous!! Already knows fetch and her whistle! So exciting thank you so much again. Cant wait to see what she is capable of. She is such a good girl. I can't thank you all enough!





Bobby is now called Xavier.  He doesn't have owners but minions.  He is sure all humans are meant to serve him.  He id 23 pounds now.  He runs 10 to 15 miles a week.  He is best friends with Quincy, our Aussie. My husband is madly in love with him.  My kids complain dad sends too many pictures of the beast.  He sleeps in bed with all if us. He is a snuggler at night.  We thoroughly enjoy him and thank you for giving such a good dog.





Vet visit yesterday and weighs 33lbs loved completely by everyone who meets him and loves everyone back just as much. Thank you so much for our "hairy son"


John and Katlyn




  So glad to her from you...I was going to drop you a christmas card with a picture of Kalli....she is so beautiful and has made she made our family more complete.  She is very spirited and gives her big sis Abbey a run for her money.  The Puppies are so cute.  Email you address again so I can send you a Christmas card! 

  So funny to hear from you...we were just saying we needed to send a pic to you all.


Anne and Keith




We just love him a little! haha. Hes a GREAT GUY! I could not have found a better Friend! We love him so much! Thank you again so much! Happy 4th of July. God Bless America!


Matthew & Rachel



Hey KC...good to hear from you.  We absolutely adore "T-Bo", he is sooooo BEAUTIFUL!  Also, very smart. 







I wanted to update you with a couple picture's of the puppy I purchased from you. We named him Justice. He is doing really well and enjoying the Wisconsin weather.. Very active and growing every day. He is learning every day what he can and can't do. The pictures are not the best but I hope to get some outside this weekend and if they turn out I will send somemore..




Hi KC and Vonnie!


Wanted to give you an update on Benji. He's almost 4 months now and doing great! He weighs just over 10 pounds and is growing like a weed.

He's a great pup and is making progress everyday on potty training and obedience, but still has some work to do. His favorite chew toys are still mom and dad's fingers and toes! He plays hard and sleeps hard. He loves to sprint laps around the house and the yard, and then will nap for hours at a time. He's to the point now where he will sleep all through the night, whether in his crate or sometimes in the bed with us, and he does great either way. He's really good with other people and other dogs too, and nothing gets him more excited than when a new person comes over to the house.

Overall he's an awesome dog and we love him to death! I've attached some pictures, some are older and then some are from today. I'm sending them from my phone so if they don't show up correctly for some reason just let me know and I'll upload them to the computer and send them.


Thanks again!

Brent & Eza



Hello K.C.,


Our little girl is a sweetie.  She’s adjusting well and can really stand up for herself with the other dogs- she’s no push-over.

Is there a possibility for a red and white in the next Corgi litter?  We’d like to get a male.






Hello There!

We named our little girl, Sansa (Game of Thrones). She lives up to her name. So full of sass and is very inquisitive. Crate training only took two days to conquer... Potty training has been a challenge. Hates to poop outside.
Her ears were a little floppy the first few days but havent had a problem. Even at the vet visit they never lost their peak.
She is such an independent little character. She doesn't mind going off to play by herself or going on an exploration on her own in the backyard. Fearless by all means... Well... Until a bird chirps.
Pandora and her have become inseparable! She is so patient and gentle with Sansa. She never tries to hurt her no matter how crazy ferocious Sansa gets. Couldn't ask for a better duo!
She realized she could climb the stairs last night. But is upset she is still too small to come back down. Baby gate has been enforced for now.
 She weighed in at a whopping 8.5 lbs. and we saw she lost her first baby tooth... Maybe as a result from the tree root she tries to eat every time we go outside.

Have a wonderful day! Nicole



Just wanted to give you a quick update on our sweet Heidi (from Annie and Hooey).

She is a little over 3 months old now! I took her to the vet this morning and she weighs 22 lbs already, and seems to get bigger everyday! She really is just the sweetest pup. Once settled in her new home, her personality and sass really came out (but she's still a big cuddler). She loves all people and has yet to meet a stranger. Potty training has been great. She's nearly 100% house broken and is crate trained also! For whatever reason Heidi LOVES shoes, not chewing them, but sleeping on them. She is so rotten, but we love her so much and can't seem to remember what life was like before our sweet girl was following us around everywhere- thank you for a great pup!

Here are some of my favorite pics :)


Our Aussie, Abby, just turned 3 years old and we couldn’t love her anymore! She is seriously the best!! She has the absolute best temperament I’ve ever seen-she is so loving and friendly! She’s great with people, kids and other animals. But she is also an excellent guard dog and has made it her ‘job’ to always watch over our house. Our vet has commented numerous times on how she’s the ‘picture perfect’ Australian Shepherd. Everyone who meets her loves her! We really couldn’t have asked for a better dog! If I can ever talk my husband into another dog—it will be another Aussie, and it will be from GC Outlaws!


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